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What is Perlite?
Why need to be used?
In the roofs
On the walls
In agriculture
In filtering

In industry



Pitched Roofs

Flat Roofs

Internal Wall Application

External Wall Application

Residential Floors
Heavy Loaded Floors
Thermal Bridges

:: Bulak Ticaret Building Insulation Materials ::

If heat insulation of roofs and walls in constructions is done by giving required importance, advantages that would bring to country economy and family budget of energy saving, would be provided, are too much.
Perlite has been using in constructions in Turkey and all world.
Perlite; has been using in filtration of oil, drinking water and similar food juices, in agriculture, in construction, in industry.
Perlite is from substances that don't include radioactive in nature.
Perlite, is modern heat insulation material that would live with buildings.
Summers pass cool and winters pass hot in buildings when Perlite was used. .
Perlite is inorganic substance; it doesn’t lose its property in high heat. It prevents scattering, leaping of fire.
Perlite absorbs a sound in matchless shape. Perlite neutralizes high frequency sounds as result of its porous and lightness. It insulates sounds which have stroke.
Perlite is very light because of there is thousands of open and closed air blanks in constitution of Perlite. These pores have Perlite earn extraordinary heat insulation property.
Perlite is light and earthquake insurance. It lessens your building’s dead cargo. You can daub the apartment that is 150m2 with 0,5 ton (500 kg) Perlite instead of 15 ton sand.
Perlite means comfort of your constructions, your money saving. It provides material saving. It has %10 iron and cement usage lessened because of its lightness. It drops the costs.
If you aren’t still using Perlite, this means there is error in your calculation.
Don't think that is it need, Comforts aren't which isn't insulation.



Roofs are colourful now. The colourful tiles of Persan are being alternative
for covering roof of buildings. This tiles are more resistant and less conductor
according to soil tiles. This tiles are being used even worst weather conditions
at roofs of houses which its tendency is up to 75 degree.

IldızBond can be utilised on any slope 10º to 90º, including mansards. It doesn’t need board covering under tile. Zinc doesn’t have to be used on applications. Panels, which are locked vertically and perpendicularly, are nailed by their brows on the laths. They can be cut and bend. IldızBond has many different accessories which can be good solution to any problem and detail on a roof.



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