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IldızBond can be utilised on any slope 10º to 90º, including mansards. It doesn’t need board covering under tile. Zinc doesn’t have to be used on applications. Panels, which are locked vertically and perpendecularly, are nailed by their brows on the laths. They can be cut and bend. IldızBond has many different accessories which can be good solution to any problem and detail on a roof.


IldızBond is an international roofing tile supported with 7 layers. It resists to all outside conditions as fire, thunderstorm, earthquake effects and whirlwind, with its perfect performance capacity.

There is no need any board under IldızBond tiles; there is no need the use of zinc. It doesn’t have big volume, so it is very economic to transport and store.

IldızBond covered with natural stones has 10 different colors, so it makes your building more aesthetic. IldızBond roofing system is suited to both traditional and contemporary building forms.

IldızBond can be used on all continents in varying climates.

When you want to change your roof system, IldızBond can be assembled on old roof system. IldızBond is light, so can be carried easily, and people can walk on it.

Fire Resistant
IldızBond is very resistant to fire with its steel body and supported special layers.

Earthquake safety
IldızBond is 7-15 times lighter than other roof tiles, so it reduces the load of the building. IldızBond reduces collapsing risk of building during earthquake with reducing the cutting and bending forces to minimum.

System without problem
IldızBond has many different accessories, which can solve every problem on roof systems and various details. Because of nailing through the small corrugations adjacent to the battens on the upper and lower interlocking faces, IldızBond roofing system has
significant advantages over other roofing products. In special usage’s, electromagnetic parasite resistances are reliable produced by contemporary technology. IldızBond installers are educated by Ildız Donatım and each installer have “education certificate”. Each application of the installers is controlled by the architects and engineers entitled.


1. Pure acrylic coating
2. Natural stone coating
3. Copolymer coating
4. Polymer coating
5. Aluminium-zinc coating
6. Steel sheet
7. Aluminium-zinc coating
8. Polymer coating



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