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CLASSIFIED PERLITE is to be sized by passing through different spaced fine sieves after raw perlite is broken in gaps, which are 0,0 - 0,25mm. Production can be done in dimensions below and besides in wanted grain  dimensions.
Production can be done in 0 -0.6 mm. , 0.6-1.2 mm. , 0.6-2.5 mm. , 1.2-2.5 mm. grain dimensions.


    At melted of mines time, it is used to provide coming into being dross by being thrown inside furnace and to be constituted dross under control.

  • It is put to sole of crucible before being taken to crucible from furnace of metal in casting industry. If when perlite get in touch with hot metal, it does a sort boiling and provides to be taken more clean casting by carrying to crucible surface of emprutels which can be found in metal.
  • At carried of metal into crucible that, it is used to hindering to surface cooling in casting industry again.
  • At casting that being put a quantity to sole of crucible, is used to prevent cooling from crucible surface before casting to moulds with better cleaning of metal. With these intentions, Classified Perlite has been using in 1180-1300 kg/m3 density  and in 0.6-1, 1 -2 mm. grain dimensions.
  • It is used in production of expanded perlite.


Physical                    Chemical   
Density(kg/m3)     1000-1300  Sİ02     %71-75 
Expanding heat(°C) 800-1150   AI2O3    %12-16 
Free moisture(%)   0.5 max.   Na2O     %2.9-4 
pH                 6.6-8      K2O      %4-5 
                              H2O      %3.05-5.16 


Physical                        Chemical   
Colour            White          SİO2     %71-75 
Melting Dot       1300°C         AI2O3    %12-16 
Heat Conductivity 0,034-0,045    Na2O     %2.9-4 
Density           32 - 200 Kg/m3 K2O      %4-5 
                                 CaO      %0,2-0,5 

ETIPER PRODUCTIONS    (Etiper "Normal)

Dimensions           0,0 -2,5 mm 
Density              60-80 Kg/m3 
Heat Conductivity    0.034 - 0.045 Kcal/mh'C 
Packing              in polyethylene which is 200 dm3
                     or in polyprophylene sacks. 


Etiper "Super fine" (Criogenic Perlite)

Grain Dimesions               0.0-1.2 mm. 
Slack density                 40-50 Kg/m3 
Density which had been tightened  55-75 kg/m3 
Heat Conductivity             0.034 - 0.045 Kcal/mh'C 
Packing                       in polyethylene sacks
                              which is 200 dm3.




a) In HEAT INSULATION of Criogenic Tanks
     Protection on liquefying heat in pair side tanks of all gases, which had been liquefied  in low heats (up to -270 °C}, has been being possible with Etiper "Super fine" which heat conductivity value is very low. It isn't humudity, doesn't spoil, doesn't burn and this material, which is cheap, is freely filled between pair side of tank in atmosphere pressure or under vacuum.
b) In HEAT INSULATION of different furnaces and of systems
      Etiper "Super fine" has been using to prevent heat shopping (heat lost) with outside environment in furnaces which is working environment   up to maximum + 1050 °C. Free filling is done to outside surface of furnace  (between pair side).


c) In  Production Of Refrakter Brick

     Etiper "Normal" is used as contribution substance in production of used bricks in Cauldron, furnace, dampening-beating, thermal operation and melting stoves which are its working environment up to maximum + 1050 °C.
Produced refrakter blocks and bricks result of being tied with clay or calcium silicate cement of Etiper "Normal" provide high propotion insulation besides being light. Consequently they do fuel saving.

d) In casting industry

     Etiper "Normal" is used as contribution substance to casting sand. It is added volumely %8-12 proportion to casting sand in casting of iron-steel, % 20-30 proportion as for in casting of other materials.



  • It prevents abnormal surface tensions because of providing slowly and balanced cooling of metal.
  • At casting time, it doesn't Burn, doesn't take off Gas and doesn't enter to Reaction with Metal.
  • It gives permission to exit by means of emptinesses and canals which are in Building of gases, which is constituted  at casting time.
  • Clean, strong, high in quality and productive casting are got.
  • It lessens workmanship and cleaned time of production becausae of taking down casting errors to minimum.

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Why need to be used?

In the roofs
On the walls
In agriculture
In filtering
In industry

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