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It is mixture which is constituted with connective substances like cement, lime, flying ash of expanded perlite which is used instead of sand in wall plasters.
Its Properties  Unit weightiness following dried of plaster: 450-550 Kg/m3 Heat Conductivity Value: /. h = 0,12 Kcal/mmC
Places Which Were Used Of Isoplaster It has been using in the inside surfaces of buildings instead of classic roughcast.

    Application which is Iso Shilte

  • Outside Plaster
  • Half Brick Wall 8.5 cm
  • Iso Shilte
  • The Inside Plaster


    Application which is Isoplaster

  • Classic Outside Plaster
  • Perforated Brick
  • Etiper Isoplaster




a) Isoplaster application on the walls, while mortar is thrown
b) Isoplaster application on the walls, while mastar is pulled

NOTE: User; can prepare insulation plaster mortar with mixture proportions in bottom by buying Etiper Normal product instead of Etiper Isoplaster. 1.3 m3 Expanded Perlite, 200 Kg. Cement, 100 Kg. Lime, 400 -500 litres water. Be careful required matter; while cement, lime and perlite are dry condition, they are necessary to be mixed very good. Later water mixture is done.


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Why need to be used?
In the roofs
On the walls
In agriculture
In filtering
In industry



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