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  • ETIPER provides to be aired of soil with total porously over % 90 and with aired porously  in surroundings %60, arranges drainage.
  • ETIPER increases infiltration, lessens evaporation.
  • ETIPER doesn't bear weed seed and illness because of it is inorganic.
  • ETIPER doesn't create any problem with regard to saltiness and alkaliness because of ions will be said  as less as ions, which can dissolve, will be said absent.
  • ETIPER arrangements easily pH of environment being neutral (pH=6,5-7,5) and with low chemical buffer.
  • Because of its heat conductivity is low, ETIPER reduces being damaged from daily heat changes of plant to least.
  • Not spoiling Building of ETIPER brings 6 year using luck in rapid succession after sterilization. ETIPER is used by success as soil regulator  in greenhouses, aid substance in seedling mortars and as cultivation environment in agriculture, which isn't soil, with its arrnged in order these properties.


      ETIPER is very suitable environment for making vegetable and flower seeds sprout. ETIPER, which had been humidified, is filled to cases or flowerpots, which had been prepared with this aim. Later, it is moistened completely. Seeds are sown to some deeper than been accustomed to this environment. Seedlings are held up to taking a view parallel to place opening complete cotyledon leafs on seed sowing places. It is not necessary to add food substance from the outside because of seed used food, is in own constitution, at this period. While seedlings is in view of this, it is taken pains to be transplanted. Because being fringed begins on root which is pile after this period. Delay in transplanting causes to loss of root at dismantling time. Dismantled seedlings are usually transplanted to plastic sacks. As plastic sacks can be filled with a mortar which get ready from Perlite - Torf mixture in 1:1 proportion, can be only filled with Etiper too. 600 gr. P2 O5, 400 gr. K2O, 300 gr. N, 100 gr. Mg are added to 1 m3 of Perlite - Torf mixture before be put to sacks. There is watered condition with food solution as for seedlings in sacks which is pure perlite. This application has been usually suggesting for raising seedling directed to greenhouse production. Biggest superiority as making seed sprout environment of ETIPER arises  from not being loss of root with being put out from nothing bruising of seedlings at planting time. Using for years is possible with being sterile and protecting its property. Being Super Coarse has been required of ETIPER, which is used as making seed sprout environment.


    Whether ETIPER is alone or with other mortar materials which is mixed; ETIPER is used with success in being roted of flower, vegetable and fruit cuttings.

  • If cases, which were done of folding, had been only filled with perlite, being humidified of perlite and being let into humid perlite of banishments before all else, being held humid of perlite as continuous, these will be enough for this aim.
  • ETIPER as rooting environment can be mixed in proportions up to 9:1 from 1:1 with an organic substance.
  • If being found of soil is wanted in environment, too, 5 scale perlite, 1 scale organic material and 1 scale middle constitution soil mixture, which had been sterilized, is recommended.
  • Big importance bears being watered as continuous and orderly of folding environment, being hot and humid of environment.
  • More healty root is got with being the particles which are coarse of  perlite which will be used as rooting environment.
  • Providing big profit provides by being avoided as for being included a period from taking vegetable seeds which is very expensive with being made production with seedlings which are got from tomato and cucumber banishments  alongside of being got a wonderful rooting environment with ETIPER.

It is possible seeing great many benefits of ETIPER whether  it is in culture which is soil or which isn't soil.


    ETIPER is used as soil regulator or as water losses lessener according to requirement of soil in culture which is soil. In a good soil regulator; conditionals like being high served water capacity, going too far base change and heat capacity, being low salt quantity and heat permeability are searched. All of these are properties which are found in perlite.

  • ETIPER prevents coming into being cream layer, cracking, become a puddle, swelling and being gathered  because of drainage and aired properties when ETIPER is mixed to heavy and sticky soils.
  • Perlite, which is used IN GREENHOUSES as soil regulator, has been increasing as it has a rough Building won to soil,  water holding power of soil and served of nourishment substances.
  • It is possible, wanted direction change of physical properties which are more important than chemical properties for greenhouse soils with ETIPER. Using water can be lessened half and half  when ETIPER, that is the particles of which are large on 4-5cm thickness, is spread out on top of pillows in greenhouses which is done watering from bottom and drop watering. Top section of greenhouse soil had been mixed with 1:4 proportion Coarse ETIPER in a research which is done in Ege University Agriculture Faculty. Tomatos in normal greenhouse soil had been watered 21 times although watering was done 6 times between 02.11.1971 -26.05.1972 dates to tomatos which is raised here. Seeing that ETIPER has been caused a big saving as water loss and work power. (Sevgican 1972)

    Agriculture applications, which is no soil, had begun to eliminate met problems in greenhouse soils which get tired by going in recent years. Agriculture applications, which is no soil, are seen in reached proportions to %95s in great many countries. ETIPER can be mixed with other mortars like torf, sand, bark as ETIPER can be used alone in  these applications.

  • ETIPER or mortar, which is perlite, has been spreading at 10-15 cm thickness onto a black plastic cloth, which is spread out on greenhouse soil, in culture which is no soil and seedlings have been being planted with evident intervals onto this layer which is spread. Water and nutrient substance requirements of plants, which are done planting, are met with food solutions and done waterings.
  • Other an application plants; have been raising in sacks, which is 5-10 litres volume, had been filled with ETIPER or an another mixture, which is ETIPER. This raising shape is very easy, too. Because production; consists of arranging in order these sacks with evident intervals onto black plastic clothes which had been spread on soil again and of meeting water, nutrient substance requirements with food solutions of plants.

We can arrange thus superiorities of culture which is no soil:

  • Dose of food substances and water can be adjusted better.
  • Turn of sowing, is important, comes to unimportant condition in agriculture which is soil.
  • Problems which arise from foreign weeds with illness and harmfuls, which is soil source, can be lessened on a large scale.
  • Economy is provided from water on a large scale for leaking and evaporation losts can be lessened. There isn't requirement to soil processing, washing, disinfecting and manuring operations, which require big occupation and spending  in greenhouses, for soil which is not being put into use.
  • Agriculture fields has been more become widespread for not remain requirement to soil.

    Establishments which you will be able to resort if you met with problems in application of ETIPER.

  • Directorship Of Etibank Perlite Business Administration
  • Agriculture Faculty
  • City-County Agriculture Directorships


    Etiper is peerless soil regulator for lawn soils on track with gardens, parks, football and golf fields. Lawn on soil, which get caught with outside effects or with being stepped, becomes. Even disappears.

  • Front part of problems, which is become silt and lake like lived long of lawns with Etiper, can be passed, too.
  •  Leaf domain of lawn has been widening, leaf and root number have been increasing with Etiper. Getting caught in soils, which is chewed, is lessened half and half.
  • ETIPER application is same chewed and not chewed lawns: mixture in 5 cm thickness is obtained by being mixed ETIPER in 2,5 cm thickness to soil in 2,5 cm thickness. ETIPER is heated up before it is applied. Lawn seed is sowed after mixing operation. Upper surface, as for possibility100 gr/m2 powder limestone is spread out with 4-5 kg/m2 farm manure which had burnt. If commercial manure will be used instead of farm manure, 50 gr/m2 ammonium nitrate which is % 26 , 65 gr/m2 super phosphate which is %18 and 15 gr/m2 potassium sulfate mixture is applied with evident intervals. Whichever a change isn't done in watering regime.
  • ETIPER Standard or ETIPER Super Coarse are used on lawn fields.
  • ETIPER is mixed to soil in homogeneous shape, lawn roller is pulled previous history of first shape and cutting is done with scissors. It has been applying with aim providing elasticity to soil and with aim being got soft ground as for application IN SOIL FIELDS. Aim has been reaching with applied ETIPER under top ground in soil field. ETIPER has been constituting %30 of all field in arranging field.

    ETIPER is used with success in insulation of storing and keeping buildings because of its peerless insulation property; in carrying because of lightness and again insulation property, in being packaged of onions and in storing of long annual ornament plants.  For example, using can be suggested in insulation of outside and distance division walls with providing aim heat insulation of mushroom raising foundations; in insulation of heating and cooling pipes.             



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